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Mixed Martial Arts 101 – Part 3

Posted on 18 September 2008 by Tony Hackerott

Mixed martial arts, or MMA, is an extreme contact sport that began in 1993 with the introduction of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. MMA incorporates fighting techniques of a variety of martial arts forms, including taekwondo, judo, and karate. The original Ultimate Fighting Championship was an “anything goes” type of competition, with few rules and little regard for the competitors’ safety. The beginning years of mixed martial arts competition was considered to be brutal by many, but rules and regulations for the sport have evolved over the years. Even with the additional rules for competition, MMA is still an intense sport that requires immense strength and fierce training.

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Martial Arts and NLP

Posted on 11 September 2008 by Tony Hackerott

I’ve been studying the field of martial arts for well over 10 years and I have always had a passion for understanding just what makes the best that way. Just what makes the best the best? Why is Bruce Lee still considered the best martial artist ever and more importantly how can we still learn from him? What is it that great martial artists have that other artists don’t, and more importantly how can I apply this to learning martial arts?

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