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MMA Basics: Warmup to Begin any MMA Workout

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How to Get an MMA Workout

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If you have watched an MMA event you will have noticed that it is critical that an MMA artist must train their full body, in contrast to lifting weights weight that’s targets specific body parts like the chest, biceps. An MMA fighter wants to train the whole body. So as in boxing a great starter exercise is the jump rope for a warm up.   So while jumping rope you are working on cardiovascular endurance as well as my arms, legs, and like in this video you can also working on feet movement.  Next it is always great to do push-ups. It is a basic exercise and has been around forever for a reason since it is one of the best exercises.

So make sure you do this proper technique and to go all the way down. After that, start to focus on the abdomen which is the core of everything you do. So always make sure the core is in good shape. So after that, I want to make sure my legs are in good shape.  Of course, we always want to work on our strikes. So punches, kicks, etc.

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