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How To Use Adrenaline To Prepare For A Compeition

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Use Adrenaline As The Surge of Power That It Was Created For!

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Adrenaline is a pain killer and a stimulant which prepares the body for extreme physical efforts or the shock of severe physical stress. Prior to a contest most players feel physically weak and nervous as result of the adrenaline surge. However once they take grip and begin to fight, the feeling of weakness passes.

Regardless of the effects of the adrenaline, everyone remembers the horrible, pumped-up, painful feeling of lactic acid build-up in the forearms from gripping too hard, the trembling muscles and breathless-ness after such encounters, not to mention the aches and pains, particularly the muscular stiffness which sometimes lasts for days.

When some people feel adrenaline they learn to not like the feeling and this makes them shy away from situations that arise which produce it.  Many people that are action seekers or adventuresome are what they call ‘adrenaline junkies’.  they have learned to associate this feeling with excitement and being on top of the world.  So, next time you feel that adrenaline know that it is there to help you in the situation not to make you shy away from it.

How to use the Fight of Flight Response

There are numerous reasons for this; one is that in the early months, and in some cases years of training the MMA fighter is not adequately conditioned for the stresses of an actual caged fight. The situation is new to them and is as close to a real fight as many of them will ever experience. Consequently, the body’s adrenal glands kick into action and pump adrenaline around the body. This chemical is a hormone, the action of which everyone may experience when in situations of physical danger. It is often accompanied by a churning stomach, trembling legs and even facial tics and twitches. This condition is usually described as the ‘flight or fight’ syndrome by biologists and zoologists and exists in all mammals as a crucial component of their central nervous and glandular systems.  MMA training can be done so this surge in adrenaline will trigger the anticipation of a victory.

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