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UFC 94, It’s gonna be a good one!

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This Saturday 1/31/09 is UFC 94.

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As someone who has an interest in karate, I’m sure this UFC should be appealing to you, because the fight card has 2 great fighters with strong karate backgrounds worth watching.

Fight 1: BJ Penn V Georges St. Pierre

This should be a good mixed martial arts fight…

GSP seems hungry, training his butt off in the snow up in Canada. He seems angry, yet focused. It seems he wants to erase any doubt in people’s minds about their last match in 2006, in which he won by split decision.

Meanwhile, from what I’ve been seeing in the media BJ has been lounging in the sun in Hawaii enjoying himself.

All the propaganda will have you believe that UFC president Dana White has been furious with
BJ Penn for not being serious with his training for this fight…

But you never know – maybe the sun and his relaxed demeanor might be exactly what Penn needs to pull off a victory.

But it’s GSP for me on this one.

Fight 2: Lyoto Machida V Thiago Silva

The second fight that should be of particular interest to us karate guys is the fight between Lyoto Machida and Thiago Silva.

Machida has a strong shotokan background and is one of the best movers on the circuit. He’s a fantastic tactician with superb footwork.

Thiago Silva is also an excellent fighter with a strong BJJ and Muay Thai background.

Both fighters have a 13-0 record, so this should be a good one! I’m a huge fan of Machida so I hope he pulls this off.

You can read more about the upcoming fights at and watch it this Saturday on PPV, or online at Yahoo mixed martial arts Sports.

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  1. MMA News Says:

    B.J. Penn vs St. Pierre!!! Woohoo! Who do you think is going to win? I think B.J. Penn has been focusing a bit much on his website, while GSP has been training in the quiet. I think GSP might finish this bout with a big win.

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