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MMA Training: Core – Cardio and Heart Training

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MMA fighters can have strong arms,  strong legs, and strong cardiovascular training however if they have weak core muscles they will quickly get this weakness exploited in the ring or octagon and ultimately wind up beaten.  The abdominal region of the body is an essential area that allows the powerful forces that are transmitted through the feet and up the legs of the fighter to then pass on through to the upper body for devastating throws, slams, and punches. The abdominal section is such a massive factor in the speed and power of your kicks, body punches, and ground game that if you don’t have a strong core you are missing out on some huge advantages in these areas.

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On the ground, the abs are important for keeping posture when the fighter is either in the guard position or on top searching for submissions. Without proper abdominal development your leaving your midsection wide open and increasing your chances for a defeat.

A common mistake for an MMA fighter is believing that working just a little bit of abdominal training into a workout will be enough to develop a set of bulletproof abs. Another mistake is thinking that these muscles respond only to high repetitions. A final common error is just performing exercises that move in only one plane of motion, such as the classic sit-up or crunch.

If you are a MMA warrior looking for that set of six-pack abs, remember that everyone has a set of abs; they just might not be visible because of what is covering them up. The ability to clean a pair of fight shorts across your washboard stomach is going to depend on your attention to both physical training and nutrition.

MMA Training For Your Heart 

An elite level MMA fighter must never let cardiovascular fatigue be the reason for defeat. It has been said that fatigue makes cowards of us all. No matter how strong, fast, or technically proficient a warrior is, if that warrior is dead tired, that warrior is vulnerable. Though a warrior can build fitness during technical training, specifically gearing training to develop endurance is critical to eventual victory. This should tell every warrior that the heart is as important as, if not more important than, any other muscle in the body. Training this muscle must occur if the warrior is ever to reach full potential.

A mixed martial artist must understand that everything in life is cyclical. Whether it is day to night, birth to death, or the increase and decrease of the heart rate during the rounds of a fight, everything is cyclical. Knowing this, the warrior will understand that the endurance training for mixed martial arts must mimic the cycle of the fight in order to properly prepare the energy systems of the body for battle.

Heart Rate Monitors Can Help You Monitor Training

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Weights make it easy for a warrior to determine if he or she is making progress during strength training. For cardiovascular development, however, it is not as easy for the warrior to monitor progress. Because of this fact, I recommend that every fighter use a heart-rate monitor during this style of training. Without this biofeedback, the warrior is training as blindly as if he or she were wearing a blindfold during weight work. Without this information, the intensity of the workouts and the warrior’s progress overtime can’t be measured.

This will be the most difficult yet rewarding training that you can perform. A mixed martial artist must learn to push beyond the pain of fatigue to eventually become not only more physically fit, but also mentally tough. Only when this occurs can one consider oneself a true warrior.

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