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Bruce Lee and the Lost Footage….

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Okay this may not actually be Bruce Lee film footage but it is still impressive and fun to watch. Bruce Lee is still such a huge star When we just mention Bruce Lee’s name we get a spike in traffic. He is the man that started MMA and getting people to realize that one martial arts was not the solution but by blending them together you could become a much better fighter.

Bruce Lee became a huge star in the world due to the few movie rolls he starred in. Lee started in Wing Chun, but he later rejected this and other well-defined martial art styles and taught techniques and movements from several different martial arts he called it Jeet Kune Do (JKD) which mean the way of the intercepting fist.

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  1. thacker Says:

    I was trying to find the footage of the video I remember seeing but can’t find it. Let me know if you find it! It is where he is auditioning for the Green Hornet I think. That was unbelievable to watch the amount of speed he had. They also mentioned during that documentary that Bruce had to slow down his kicks due to his unbelievable speed you couldn’t see it on camera.

    What is your best memory of Bruce?

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