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Shopping for food on an MMA Diet?

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Just like throwing a great punch or executing a powerful throw, shopping for food takes training. You need to have the right information and, once you do, make the right moves.

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You may not know this, but right now there are marketing executives out there thinking up ways to get you to poison yourself and limit your career. They are paid big money to do this, too. What do I mean? Well, if you have ever walked down any of the aisles in your supermarket, they have surely gotten you.

The challenge is there for you to resist and instead make the right choices. It all starts with what we call “Shopping the Perimeter.” If you look at every supermarket, the meats, fruits, vegetables, and eggs are all on the perimeter of the store. All of the poison is located on the inside of that perimeter. Think about it, the juice aisle, the soda aisle, the cookie aisle, the cereal aisle, the potato chip aisle, the frozen food aisle. You have seen them, and the marketing slogans, colors, and commercials have gotten you.

But you need to be strong and resist. You will be armed with one simple slogan for success: If you can’t hunt it down, fish it out of the sea, pick it off a tree, or dig it out of the ground, then do not eat it. Stick with this, and you will be making good food choices to fuel your MMA Diet.

You may think this is hard to do, or impossible, but all of that food is waiting for you on the perimeter. Avoid canned, colored, processed, and synthetically made junk at all costs. You body is going to thank you for it with higher energy levels, faster recovery, and improved performance. All of those attributes are critical to success in MMA.

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  1. mmalink Says:

    Eating the right food is so important when working out to supplement your body with everything it needs after physical exertion, you hve to make sure you’re eating at the right time too, Kenny florian talks about this a lot on the MMA Live show.

  2. Panda Coupon Says:

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  3. Silva Kitterman Says:

    My friend just emailed me the link to this webpage. I’m actually not sure why(!), but I figured I’d give you feedback to comment that in my view you have a good writing style, however I think you could’ve elaborated more. However I still enjoyed checking out your work.

  4. Cage Fitness Says:

    What a great article! Those tips are most important when structuring yourself for MMA fitness fighting. Protein, water, sleeping 8 hrs a night, and eating small meals every 3 hours will benefit you the most.

    Thanks for posting!

    -Cage Fitness

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