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Different Type of Martial Arts: Shingitai Jujutsu

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Style: Shingitai Jujutsu

Shingitai jujutsu is a form of jujutsu grappling that blends various strikes and submissions. The founder, John Saylor, was influenced by his experiences in the early 1980s when he ran the judo coaching at the US Olympics training center in Colorado Springs. A former US heavyweight judo champion, he had officially retired in 1982 because of a shoulder injury.

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While competing at the Olympic training center he was able to train with some of the best judo fighters of the time. He witnessed the effects of physical fitness and strength on the success of their martial artists training. He also recognized that an unhealthy lifestyle weakened the body and was detrimental to the martial artist’s skills. Saylor compares shingitai jujutsu to the decathlon event—a successful decathlete must train in a wide variety of skills, never neglecting one aspect of training for another.

Three key aspects

The name “shingitai” encapsulates the three key aspects to training: “shin,” or the mental approach and character of a fighting spirit; “gi,” o the functional use of techniques applied through competition; and “tai,” which refers to the physical body fitness and strength that are key elements to this system’s fighting methods and training. Overall balance in striking throwing, grappling, and groundwork are fundamental to achieving technical success.

Collegiate Wrestling

Sometimes known as “scholastic wrestling,” collegiate wrestling is a grappling art practiced in US universities, colleges, high schools, and middle schools. Its origins are in catch wrestling, although, for safety, emphasis is placed on learning how to control an opponent rather than developing explosive offensive techniques.

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