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Different Types of Martial Arts: Hoshin Roshi Ryu

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Hoshin Roshi RyuHoshin roshi ryu combines mental and physical self-protection and uses techniques drawn from ninjutsu and jujutsu.  Founder Glenn Morris was an organizational psychologist interested in Daoist philosophy and esoteric writings. Courses on reiki, shamanism, massage, and meditation, are taught alongside simple yet effective self-defense techniques. Physical combat is only used as a last resort and showing kindness and consideration to others is key. Student training focuses on practicing techniques and learning how to apply them in real-life situations, rather than memorizing individual “kata” (set forms).

To Shin DoHoshin Roshi Ryu1

To shin do was founded by the legendary US ninja Stephen K. Hayes. The system is a departure from ninjutsu as taught by the Bujinkan organization in Japan differentiating itself by focusing on threats more likely to be encountered in modern-day life in the US. Students learn to handle surprise attacks from multiple assailants through the use of strikes, punches, kicks, grappling techniques, chokes and joint locks. They also learn how to overcome fear   and develop a psychological advantage in combat. Advanced students are offered optional courses on the use of classical Japanese weapons, meditation and yoga, classes on how to instruct effectively, as well as courses aimed at the security and protection industries.

Hatsumi tradition

Founder Stephen K. Hayes helped to introduce ninjutsu to the US and Western Europe. In fact, he and his close friend Bud Malmstrom are credited with initiating the ninja boom of the 1980s. A former student of Masaaki Hatsumi, Hayes says that breaking away from ninjutsu and ‘ developing to shin do is the greatest tribute he can pay to Hatsumi. Central to the ethos of ninjutsu is the need to constantly strive to update its techniques, making to shin do the latest adapted version in the evolution of the assassin’s art.

American Karate System

The American karate system (AKS) is essentially a blend of Japanese and Korean martial arts adapted for the American physiology and psyche by Ernest Lieb. On returning from Korea, where he was stationed as a US marine in 1964, his goal was to form an organization that promoted brotherhood as opposed to rivalry. Lieb’s slight stature made it hard for him to succeed against bigger opponents in his early training in judo. However, karate taught him that he could overcome this through hard work and dedication, combined with timing, speed, and accuracy.

Seeking perfection

AKS practitioners employ a range of blocks, punches, kicks, throws, joint locks, and breaking techniques. They strive at all times to seek perfection and self-enlightenment through physical and mental techniques.

Students wear traditional white uniforms, whether training or taking part in tournaments, gradings, or official functions. They are graded using four different colored belts prior to gaining a black belt (for which they must be 18 or over to be eligible). The highest rank is the black belt (10th Dan), which was held by Lieb.

Born in Germany, Ernest Lieb immigrated to the US in 1952. He studied chi do quan under Mr Kim in Korea, and competed very successfully in many tournaments. He was tragically killed in a train accident while traveling in Germany in 2006.

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