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Defendu, Jieishudan, and Warrior Wing Chun

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Different Types of Martial Arts

Defendu, Jieishudan, and Warrior Wing Chun

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Defendu is a close-quarter, hand-to-hand combat and self defense systems regarded as a systemized method of ending physical confrontation quickly. Englishman William E. Fairbairn borrowed heavily from his training in judo at the famed Kodokan School in Tokyo and added many techniques from jujutsu and Chinese martial arts. He also incorporated the hand-to-hand fighting techniques he learned while serving with the Shanghai Municipal Police in China.

Evolution of defendu

In 1926 Fairbairn published a book about his methods of defendu, but later modified and refined it into a system known as “Close-Quarter Combat,” which he taught to Allied forces in World War II. This second system focused less on restraining techniques and holds, and more on using lethal techniques to end conflict immediately.


Jieishudan is a UK-based hybrid martial art employing boxing, grappling, and ground-fighting techniques. Developed in the early 1980s, it is an unstructured, nonprofit-making organization that teaches self-defense at youth clubs and is aimed at teenagers who learn how to defend through martial arts training and improve their physical health.

In a state of development

It is a constantly evolving system t contains no “katas” (set forms or patterns of movements) or uniform. Sparring is encouraged alongside work on boxing-style bags and physical exercise. Some defenses against knives, sticks, and improvised weapons are taught, and there is a recognized grading system. Practitioners will typically begin with a kick followed by a couple o punches before going to the ground and engaging in a grappling match.

Warrior Wing Chun

Warrior wing chun is a hybrid martial arts system that resembles the wing chun system. This martial arts system also includes a number of locks, holds, and restraining techniques, improvised weapon-disarming, and psychological tactics aimed at providing an enhanced ability to deal with fear during combat.

Adding to the mix

The system’s originator, Adrian Rhodes, added boxing techniques and non-lethal compliance methods along with the directness and efficiency-conscious basis of traditional wing chun, and applied the new art while working as a doorman in the north of England. Sparring between practitioners often takes place in a boxing ring and the system is known for its effective chokeholds that often render opponents unconscious. The “Japanese hold” is a hybrid choke technique, which, once applied, is extremely difficult to escape from and often ends the conflict decisively.

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