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All Time Best Nicknames in MMA (Part 1)

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Here are 6 thru 10 of the all time great nicknames in mixed martial arts.  What do you think of the list do you have someone who is not on the list and should be?  If you do then send us a comment at the bottom of this post we will make sure it get posted and in our discussion.

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10. Martin “Hitman” Kampmann

Strong single word, to the point, and forms a strong mental image. Intimidating, which his fighting style. Martin Kampmann has

viscious striking skills along with a surprisingly effective ground game. Running through his opponents in the UFC this far, it looks like UFC matchmaker Joe Silva might have put a hit out on the UFC Middleweight division.

9. Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez

This great nickname might be to offset his nonconfrontational appearance. Make no doubt about it, Diego is a nightmare to the fighter across the cage from him. Holding a record of 18-2, 7-2 in the UFC’s stacked Welterweight division, Sanchez has punished his opponents. An upcoming match with Diego Sanchez is definitely something that would keep most guys up at night.

8. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson

Nicknamed “Rampage” because of a rambunctious childhood, the UFC’s Light Heavyweight champion has

been on a rampage since joining the UFC. He is 3-0 in the UFC, knocking out legendary Chuck Liddell. Known for his viscious slams, one of which knocked Ricardo Arona unconscious, he is looking to punish #1 contender Forrest Griffin later this summer.

7. Mark “The Hammer” Coleman

Mark Coleman, a converted college wrestler, is a wiley MMA veteran. He was the first UFC Heavyweight champion and famous for his legendary battles in Pride FC. “The Hammer” is much like the tool: hard to break and delivers punishing blows both by hand and slam.

6. Matt “The Law” Lindland

C’mon, “The Law” just sounds cool. Kind of makes me think of the no nonsense sheriff in a western movie.

Although Lindland supposedly got the nickname from a court dispute, the name still describes him perfectly. Western shirts, dip in his mouth and top 10 Middleweight in the world. It should be against the law not to have this guy in the UFC to battle Anderson Silva.

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  1. Razorstorm Says:

    Rampage and Nightmare are seriously good nicknames!

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