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Muki Boxing – Style of Martial Arts

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Similar to boxing, this is an ancient, bare-knuckle system of fighting, practiced in Banares, northern India. Players are known for their devastating fist striking techniques, and for the exercises they undertake to tone and harden their fists, which include repeatedly striking solid objects such as bricks and stones. Smashing a coconut with a bare fist is a test of strength for which many are famed.

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Practitioners claim the art is a full system of physical, emotional, and intellectual development. However, during practice matches between individuals it has been noted that, on occasion, the fights turn into “free-for-alls.” Team members and spectators join in the fray and continue until one group forced to withdraw, signifying victory for the other group.


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  1. Razorstorm Says:

    Some arts are extremely hardcore on the conditioning. Thank you for introducing me to this. Im going to try and do some research on the training

  2. hardip Says:

    Does anyone know some online training of this? I can’t find too much on it.

  3. Tony Thacker Says:

    I know a lot of online martial arts classes that are MMA, but none devoted directly to Muay Thai. Are you wanting to learn MMA or just strictly Muay Thai? Also there are a lot of kickboxing classes that incorporate a lot of Muay Thai skills.

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