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Subconscious Mind Power that Transforms Your Life

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Remember when Kevin Costner started hearing voices in the Field of Dreams movie? While his family was struggling to make ends meet, these voices were saying, ‘If you build it they will come.’ Eventually it came to pass that he thought these inner voices were telling him to build a baseball field. This is in fact subconscious mind power at work

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In order to make are your dreams a reality, you have to work at it. This may involve taking on another job, owning your own online business, or just having a better self-assurance about yourself. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to understand how the subconscious mind power can heal us spirituality, mentally, and physically. The only thing you have to do is take control of its power.

What is subconscious mind power? If you’re still skeptical it’s not like you’re the only person out there. We understand how difficult it is to go from doing something you’re used to everyday to changing the whole thought process. However, it’s important to keep an open mind about the material we’re about to provide. The scientific or medical explanation is the Placebo Effect. This is most common when two groups are formed to take medication without knowing who gets the real deal and who gets the placebo.

A surprising effect happens with many, many trials. That is, those who get the placebo pill still often show similar results to those who get the actual drug. No one quite knows why, but oftentimes, the people getting the placebo show at least some benefit (perhaps not to the same intensity as the drug, but still experience benefits), even though the pill they’ve gotten has NO medical benefits whatsoever, as an inert substance. They also may experience ‘side effects’ that they’ve been told the actual medication will give them, again, even though they’ve taken an inert substance. Why is this true? These people were told what the medication would do, and if they believed they were being given the real pill, their subconscious minds often gave them the ‘benefits’ and ‘side effects’ of the real drug.

Doctors even understand the importance of using the subconscious mind. In fact, next time you go to get a new prescription from your physician, see if he/she tells you about the side effects. Most likely not, because they don’t want to throw out all the negative aspects of taking a pill. Doing so will leave you either not wanting to take it, or ending up with the side effects even if they are unbelievably rare.

So as you can see, the subconscious mind is incredibly powerful, and can produce powerful results, through both the power of the subconscious mind and the power of suggestion. And as it works in medicine, so, too, can it work in your life to create positive change. What’s preventing you from tapping into this most amazing power? You may want to use the power of suggestion to change the way your subconscious mind ‘talks to you.’

While you can think about it all you want, there are several different ways to break the outer shell of the subconscious mind. The first thing we would like to see you do is close your eyes. Visualize just one thing that you want and picture the way your life would be if you had it. Now, just because you visualize a huge lottery win doesn’t mean it will happen. See, you have to play in order to win.

We recommend trying the physical picture. A great way to do this is by cutting out a picture of what you want in life. It may be a new car, money, or even your dream home. Then start looking at it everyday. Maybe you place one picture at work, one at home, and one in the car. In doing this you will allow the subconscious mind to take shape and understand what you want next. In time you will be able to make your vision a reality.

The power of the subconscious mind is not newly discovered; many people have known about it for years, in fact, and use it to their advantage. However, until recently, it’s been a nebulous rather than scientifically proven fact. That’s changed with scientists’ discovery of the scientific process associated with the power of the subconscious mind.

Over the years, quantum physics has shed light on the ability to manipulate your pure energy with the mind. Oddly enough, it has also shown us that the energy wouldn’t even exist if not for the mind of the observer.

Another portion of the explanation also concludes that it’s your mind that creates the energy in the first place and the reality of how it is used throughout the day. This means that your subconscious mind power is the creation of everything.

Long before our time, ancient religions lived by their understanding of the subconscious mind. Those who were dedicated to their beliefs even transformed the subconscious mind into powers beyond the thought of man. Some may believe its religion, some may believe its science, but in the end just acknowledging that it’s there is important.

What it comes down to is figuring out whether or not it’s for you. If you could change your life by thinking about it, wouldn’t you at least try it? Just try it out for the next week by simply using the affirmations process. When you’ve implanted this into your daily routine, move on to the visualization techniques we discussed earlier. The end result is you’ll be training and developing the subconscious mind the way it was supposed to be used.


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  1. Linda Says:

    Just before sleep, when very sleepy, call out those things as though they already are. This has always worked for me. It is the most powerful way to use your subconscious. Those affirmations will ‘marinate’ throughout the night in your subconscious. Trust you will see results at the right time, for you will. I go through some gratitudes for my day to connect with Source, then do the affirmations. I have been healed, had debts paid and more through this method.

  2. MMA Arlington TX Says:

    “Without philosophy martial arts is just street fighting” Jhoon Rhee

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