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Weapons of opportunity

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Unlike martial arts weapons like the bo staff, sword, or nunchaku weapons of opportunity are everyday objects that we take for granted which can be used as weapons. You need to be aware of what can be used as a ‘weapon of opportunity’ both to defend yourself against an attack, if you are attacked as well as being able to foresee and prevent situations that may turn into an armed attack against you. If you are traveling or in a potentially dangerous place you may want to make sure some of these potential weapons are out of an aggressors reach and perhaps within yours.

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Practically anything can become a weapon from a pencil to a crow bar. Obviously you cannot control all these in a room, but you can know what to watch out for and what you can use effectively to defend yourself. Probably one of the most used and deadly everyday weapon you will see used are glass bottles. They are easily accessible to anyone sitting in a bar or nightclub, so keep your eye on the guy with a bottle instead of a glass and watch their body language. Other items such as saw blades, box cutters, scissors and screwdrivers are carried by criminals which can make deadly weapons but avoid being picked up by the law if the are stopped by the police.

From a defensive position when attacked by multiple opponents or an armed attacker, getting your hands on your own weapon of opportunity can often deter the opposition and get them to back off. Obviously this should only be done in a crucial life threatening situation in which you can not retreat or call the authorities for help immediately. Belts with heavy belt buckles can be quickly turned into great defensive weapons giving you a decent range to fend off knife or bat attacks. Even something as little as a tin can lends itself to becoming a weapon of opportunity when it is ripped in half it can provide two razor sharp cutting weapons.

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