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Semper Fu! The Marines Martial Arts

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‘Semper Fu’, ‘McSlap’ and ‘McNinja’ are all nicknames for MCMAP the US Marine Corp Martial Arts Program. Started in 2001 this program teaches unarmed hand-to-hand and close quarters combat combined with rifle and bayonet techniques. According to the Marine Corps Times as of a year ago 98% of US Marines were trained in the MCMAP program totaling approximately 196,000 active duty troops and 96,000 reservists.

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Grading is given in belts much like many other martial arts and ranks range from tan to black with further degrees of black belts. New regulations require that all Marines must complete MCMAP training, and infantry marines must achieve a rank of green belt or higher. As of 2008 it was determined that tougher standards of grading were required and were to be implemented. To become an instructor you must be a green belt or higher and a black belt to become a instructor trainer. Additionally there are restrictions by military rank as to how fast and far you can progress in your Marine Corp Martial Arts Program belt ranking.

The MCMAP Program is about more than just physical discipline, it is considered a synergy of mental, character and physical discipline. In fact the Commandant of the Marine Corp determined that the MCMAP program is integral to the functioning of the Marine Corp.

Of course you are now asking yourself is the Marine Corp Martial Arts Program could work in MMA and in the UFC Octagon. The program is highly respected worldwide, with the US Marines being among some of the best trained soldiers in the world and there are many countries who have sought out training in the US MCMAP. Certainly you would expect the training must be effective on the various battle grounds around the globe and so must be at least an extremely effective for of self-defense and street combat. The program also teaches various degrees of lethality that can be adapted to any situation, so yes at least some of the techniques taught in this art ought to be put to great use in the octagon, although many others may be against the rules. But even if we haven’t seen it identified in it’s use in the ring, there are definitely many ex military personnel working there way up the MMA ladder and even Ken Shamrock has reported sought MCMAP training for use in his MMA battles.

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