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How to Increase Vertical Jump

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We all know that power leads to explosiveness and explosiveness leads to quickness.  So, the quicker we are the better martial artists we can be especially when it comes to sparring.  Many of the best sparring athletes are also very good athletes in other sports as well and furthermore a large percentage of them are good at basketball. So, we wanted to take a look how to increase this quickness, power, and explosiveness and thus our sparring through increasing our vertical jump.

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verticaljump Many people train hours and hours without seeing any substantial improvement in their vertical leap.

There are a 3 main reasons why this happens:

  1. You need to train every muscle involved in jumping.    NOT just your calves and quads.
  2. You need to do the correct amount of reps and sets. If you are doing the wrong combination and are training in the wrong “mode”, you may be increasing your endurance…and not quickness and explosion! Vertical jumping is all about quickness and explosion so that is what you need to train.
  3. You need to incorporate multiple approaches to vertical jump training. If you are only doing plyometrics or only lifting weights or only doing jumping exercises, then you are short changing yourself and your vertical. You need to incorporate all training techniques to get massive gains.

If vertical-jumpyou are not getting the results you want from your vertical jump training then you are mostly likely falling victim to 1 or more of these reasons.

Make sure your training incorporates all necessary muscles, trains your explosion and quickness and incorporates all facets of vertical jump training.

If you are unsure of how to do this, then I suggest you grab a copy of our “Vertical Explosion Training Program” because these are the core principals it is based on.

You can read more about it here:
How to Increase Vertical Jump.

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