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What is the best type of sword?

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Martial artists and warriors have argued this debate for decades – ‘what is the best type of sword?

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Throughout history many types and styles of swords have been developed and mastered by different cultures. Many of the differing types and lengths of swords were developed out of necessity as armor and defenses changed.

Other swords in the martial arts as well as ninja swords were born due to the types of materials and metals that were available and the restrictions those materials presented. Though one thing is for sure, and that is that the sword is definitely the most recognizable and widely used weapon throughout history. Despite the other weapons that warriors have carried and used the sword always held a special and often spiritual value amongst those who used them.

The most popular types of swords still used or trained with today within military forces or martial arts include; sabres, fencing, foils, machetes, Japanese samurai style katanas and tantos, ninja style swords and Chinese broadswords of varying lengths. Of course, perhaps the most recognized and coveted swords of all time are the Japanese samurai type swords that have been popularized and made famous in so many movies.

But which is the best type of sword? This is an extremely difficult question. And it is probably more commonly agreed that it is not necessarily the type of sword but the swordsman and the situation that make the difference. It is argued that in a battle between two equally skilled swordsmen using different styles of sword the outcome will be determined by the one who makes the first technical mistake and nothing to do with the sword. However logically there must obviously be some advantages to do with range and speed.

Logic would predict that a sword that is too heavy even if it is longer or an extremely short sword like those of the legendary Spartans must present some disadvantages.   The only types of sword weapon still in active use are sabres that are carried most often by officers but rarely used or machetes that are still commonly used in guerrilla warfare in parts of Africa and Central & South America.

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