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How to Use Shuriken

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How To Throw Shuriken

How To Throw Shuriken

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One of the most important aspects of becoming a ninja is learning how to properly use the gear that ninjas use. Throwing stars or Shuriken are an important part of the ninja art form. Before you begin, it is vital to realize that these throwing stars are illegal in most states and you must never practice with one against a human being. Injuries are all too common and may be fatal. These are lethal weapons and are not designed for “fun.”

Build a proper target made out of plywood or drywall. This target should have a firm base and be strong enough to withstand several practice throws. Place the target at least ten feet away from you when you are first beginning. It will take time to develop the skills necessary to reach your target and hit it accurately. Practice in an area where there is no chance of hurting someone else or yourself.

Hold The Star Vertically

Begin by holding the star vertically in one hand. Place it between your thumb and index finger. Using a forward throwing motion, hurl the star at your target, snapping your wrist as you let the star go. Keep practicing until you are consistently hitting your target then move it further away. In time, you will be a master of the Shuriken.

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