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How to Use a Kubaton?

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The kubaton was originally invented by Takayuki Kubota. The kubaton is a small rod often made of metal or hard plastic that is about the size of a marker and can be attached to a keyring. This martial arts weapon has been used by law enforcement like the LAPD and civilians for self-defense alike. The kubaton is similar to the pasak of Filipino martial arts, or the yawara stick of the Japanese martial art yawarajutsu.

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The kubaton can be discreetly masked on a key chain without appearing to be a weapon. There are a number of ways a kubaton can be successfully used to subdue an attacker. One of the kubaton’s most classic uses is to harden the fist and increase the effectiveness of punches, simply by gripping it in the palm. Kubatons can also be used as a short flailing weapon that can be used to inflict some serious damage. This is done by holding it with an icepick type grip and used to hit targets such as the temple, nose, cheek bones and other bony or fleshy targets. More advanced uses of the kubaton include attacking pressure points and performing locks. Other targets include; the shins, ribs, knuckles, neck, eyes, groin, forearm, solar plexus and stomach.

The kubaton has also been known as the ‘Instrument of Attitude Adjustment’ for it’s use by police forces and others who are well versed in it’s techniques being able to inflict sufficient pain on subjects to change their attitude to where they want it. As with any weapon many new variations of the kubaton have been developed including some with spikes or blades as well as those containing tear gas and even ninja weapons with hidden darts.

The traditional form of the kubaton is legal to carry for self-defense in most places, but of course the more advanced versions may not be. In fact the UK has classified the spiked kubaton as an offensive weapon. It might not look like a killing weapon but even the blunt version of the kubaton can be used to open some nasty looking cuts on your attacker that will have them bleeding profusely and help to scare them off.

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