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Best Places To Live For MMA Hopefuls

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If you have hopes and dreams of one day fighting in the Ultimate Fighting Championships you

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may be asking yourself is once place to live is better than another. When in MMA training contenders and fighters that have starred in the UFC octagon have come from all over the world, so location doesn’t have to mean you can’t get a chance, especially if you are really good and can travel. However there are of course a few factors that make where you are from or where you live better for chances of joining the cast of the next Ultimate Fighter series or getting a fight. These factors include; reputation, training and opportunity.

1. Reputation
Perception is a huge part of the battle in being recognized as a serious fighter or contender, and the psychological advantage of appearing harder can go a long way. Of course their are tough streets and neighborhoods all over the world, but representing the toughest and coming from a dangerous area can go a long way towards help your reputation. For example a little rich boy who grew up in the Hamptons just isn’t going to have the presence a fighter coming up in the streets of Miami or LA would. This doesn’t mean that you should go and move into the worst hood that you can find by any means, but a point to keep in mind.

2. Training
Living in close proximity to great training facilities and great instructors is a big factor. Not only does this mean better equipment and better training, but also opens the doors to great contacts that may help open doors to moving up the MMA ladder. ‘It’s all about who you know!’. Coconut Creek, Florida is the headquarters of American Top Team and while they have a number of other locations now, it’s a great place to train, learn from the best and meet fighters. Torrance, California is headquarters of the Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy. And of course there are other great destinations world wide that provide awesome training.

3. Opportunity
Just like Hollywood movie hopefuls that have flocked there for decades hoping to be the next blockbuster movie star, relocating to be closer to the action might give you an advantage. But of course you won’t be the only one. Of course Las Vegas is the obvious choice for many with the many fighters being filmed there as well as The Ultimate Fighter series. Though there are other locations that can be advantageous as well.

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