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Cable Workouts For Martial Arts Strength and Flexibility

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There are many advantages of using cable workouts to improve strength for martial arts

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practitioners. Many traditional martial arts students have falsely believed that going to the gym and pumping iron went against their martial arts training and that it was unnecessary. However those who really know their facts will know that even Bruce Lee began to incorporate a lot of strength training into his workout routines. While it can be true to some extent that over training and bulking up too much can limit flexibility and slow you down, more and more instructors are seeing the advantage to combining weight training with their skill training.

Target Specific Muscle Groups

Cable workouts can provide a great way incorporate resistance training without bulking up too much, while focusing on developing the muscles needed for your chosen fighting style. Cable workouts both enable target martial arts training on specific muscle groups and the ability to do resistance training that involves the same movements as in your forms and techniques.

Develop Punching Power

This incorporates a wide range of exercises that can be done both with the upper body and legs. The best way to picture the benefits is to measure your punching power. While the actual power of your punch depends greatly on technique and speed as well, clearly strength plays a large role.  Test how much you can lift now doing punches with cables, and then see how much harder and forceful your punches become after 30 days of this training. If you can only perform these reps with 25lbs per arm now, imagine how much more devastating your blows will be if you can get up to 100lbs per arm.

Randy Couture

Most gyms have cable machines that can be adapted for both upper and lower body. However

most of these exercises can also be performed using resistance cables at home or on the road if you are traveling. The advantage of these cable workouts are even further supported the development of the new Tower 200 home gym by UFC legend Randy Couture.

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