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Can You Really Learn Karate At Home?

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Is it possible to learn karate at home? Before starting karate, look online, read, watch karate videos and understand what type of karate you would like to practice. Researching karate online and offline, can only help, combining this with a proffesional karate school is the way to go.

Get some proffesional karate instruction in your area, before you try the more advanced karate classes online.

Karate is an incredible art form that has developed over thousands of years of evolution giving us the karate we have today. Millions of people practice karate around the globe and every day, karate for beginners classes are starting, brining new people into the amazing world of karatedo.

Karate classes usually start with a warm up, followed by a full body stretch. This alone is great for health and well being, keeping the body soft and supple is a fantastic thing, especially in your later years.

Next will come basic karate moves (kihon), blocking, punching, kicking, etc. These are practiced on the spot, or stepping forward, back and even at different angles in the many varied karate stances (dachi). These are the techniques you will be able to practice at home and get an idea of what karatedo (the way of karate) is all about.

So karate class training has the warm up and stretch, basics (kihon), next comes sparring (kumite). Sparring is a huge topic in karate classes, comprising of prearranged attack and counter combinations, right up to free fighting. For example, you may partner up to practice a wrist grab and escape, this will be called kumite or sparring in the dojo (training hall). So try not to think that every time the word sparring (kumite) is used, you are going to partner up with a crazed black belt who is going to try and kill you!

kihon (basics), kata (forms) and kumite (sparring), is usually practiced in most shotokan karate dojo. Karate kata are moves that are connected together, almost like a fighting dance, but they are anything but a dance.

To explain kata fully will need an article all on it’s own, but to me kata is the most important element of karatedo. They say, kumite is the spirit of karate, but kata is the soul! And I agree.

So if you are practicing karate moves at home, trying to get a feel for karate, I wish you luck and urge you to attend a karate class as soon as possible. Good luck with your journey in the wonderful world that is karatedo! Ossu

Linden has been training and teaching karate for over 30 years and loves to share his knowledge and experiences in the martial arts. Supplement your dojo training with these free videos, karate lessons for beginners.

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