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Should I Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

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If you decide to get involved in Brazilian jiu jitsu training, you will not be alone. There are a large number of Brazilian jiu-jitsu academies that have opened across North America in order to supply the demand for training in this discipline. Mixed martial arts tournaments have been the perfect platform for showing how Brazilian jiu jitsu can often defeat fighters of different disciplines. Here is what you can expect in a basic class.

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Brazilian jiu jitsu training, as with other martial arts and most types of ordered physical activities, will practically always start with some form of a warm-up. If you’re new to jiu jitsu, then the trainer will almost certainly focus on a easier warm-up session. A lighter session will normally involve some fundamental exercises like situps and pushups, and perhaps laps around the room. Stretching also occurs once your body has warmed up a bit. A more intense warm-up would be longer and really created to break a sweat and help you with conditioning for stamina.

After the warm-up, the next part of Brazilian jiu jitsu training normally focuses on methods. Certain moves will be chosen by the instructor and broken apart so that students can perfect each stage. Mistakes are ironed out at this time, and the trainer will attempt to spend time with each student to make certain things are being done properly. More experienced students are often matched with newer ones, so that the former can help the latter. This is particularly important in bigger classes where the instructor is unable to provide everyone individual training simultaneously.

At the end of the lesson, there is usually time set aside for the application of Brazilian jiu jitsu training that was earlier taught, through one-on-one matches. Students are paired up and within a time limit are given the chance to try out the martial art techniques they were shown earlier in class, or in previous lessons. This sparring is a good way for students to see just how useful the techniques they are learning can be, and how to more quickly execute moves when up against an unyielding opponent and it is very important to wear the appropriate sparring gear.

So if you are prepared to sweat a lot and devote a significant amount of time to working hard during your Brazilian jiu jitsu training sessions, and to spend time practicing and staying in shape outside of your lessons, then you are more likely to get a better result. You will feel stronger physically and you will also find that your mental outlook on things is likely to change as well. Brazilian jiu jitsu is not just a sport – it’s a way of life.

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