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Jackie Chan Versus Jet Li Team In “Forbidden Kingdom”

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Undoubtedly 2 of the best martial artists in the movies that are still alive today are Jackie Chan and Jet Li. However the skills of these two are often highly disputed amongst fans. Many would argue that Jackie Chan cannot be taken seriously after his many comedy type martial arts movies. Whereas Jet Li is considered more of a hardcore martial artist and often plays the villain. Most Jet Li fans would argue that there could never be a match between the 2 as Jackie Chan is too much of a joker.

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However the movie ‘Forbidden Kingdom’ changes all that. Forbidden Kingdom matches the two great martial artists against each other in some spectacular fighting sequences. Regardless of which side your allegiance lays you will enjoy this movie. The movie brings credibility to Jackie Chan’s skills and style while bringing a lighter side to Jet Li’s acting career. Some may consider this Hollywood fight fest a bad choice for Jet Li to participate in, however it shows his confidence in his ability and reputation.

Jackie Chan is quoted as complimenting Jet Li as one of the best kung fu fighters he has met and was easy to work with. Although the movie did not do that well at ratings with only 64% of critics giving a positive review it is still undeniably a unique film that is great for the whole family and truly cannot be missed. This is a classical martial arts movie at it’s best. Buy it.

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