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Can I Carry My Martial Arts Weapons For Self-Defense?

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We get asked if someone can legally carry a martial arts weapon for self-defense systems? The best answer for these questions really depend on where you live and what type of martial arts weapons you are talking about.

Clearly you cannot go walking through the mall with a spear or Chinese broadsword or you will find yourself in the county jail before you hit the first store regardless of your intentions.

Before deciding if you should carry your martial arts weapons for self defense you need to be aware of the local laws. Throughout much of the US you can have almost any type of weapon in your car without a permit or license. Not that you should leave your brand new exhibition bo staff laying in the backseat of you may just get robbed. However you could find having your weapons in your car very useful for self defense. Just having your martial arts gear bag in plain site in your car may be a deterrent enough to scare off would be robbers or attackers. Other states in the US will allow you to carry concealed weapons providing you obtain a concealed weapons permit.

What weapons qualify under this permit again depend on your state. For example Florida has some of the most lenient laws of them all. Having a concealed weapons permit in Florida means the right to carry pretty much any kind of concealed weapon from police batons to pepper spray and from knives to an Uzi. So of course in this case you could easily get away with a pair of nunchuks stuffed in the back of your jeans or a pair of Kamas in your jacket. However revealing them and using them can get you some serious jail time.

So now we are left with the question: ‘should you?’. It may be cooler to be packing the latest Glock with a laser sight but pulling out a set of ninja throwing stars or a samurai sword will no doubt have any attackers thinking you are totally psycho (which you may well be if you do this) and have them running the other way. It is always wise to be prepared. Hopefully the day will never come that you have to protect your own life or that of your family with the threat of lethal force. However when that day comes it is better to be ready than sorry.

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