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4 Martial Arts Moves That Kill

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** Warning: this article is for entertainment only and you should not try any of these moves at home or without a martial arts expert.  These moves should only be done in a self defense situation and NOT during martial arts training and/or sparring.

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Pressure Point Self Defense

Pressure Point Self Defense

Of course this article is just for reference and more than anything should be a list of moves NOT to use so that you avoid actually dealing any lethal moves and end up facing the death penalty. These can be practiced only with extremely caution and obviously not with full contact. You will definitely not see these techniques in the UFC or a MMA fighting ring any time soon because they have rightfully been banned because they are to lethal.

Pressure Point: The Throat Strike

Crushing the throat can definitely be fatal and at the minimum will have your opponent rolling on the ground gasping for air while you can either run for safety or stomp on them as much as you like.  The Karate style chop is the fastest way to deliver a blow to the throat and can either and outward or inward strike.  However, using a punch to the throat clearly delivers more power and is much more likely to kill. To avoid getting hit with strikes like these make sure to keep your chin down and your leading shoulder up.

Pressure Point: The Temple

Striking to the temple has been proven to be fatal in many cases. It may require a little more power than the other moves here to actually cause a fatality but can certainly cause a knock out and blindness. For best delivery it can be sent with a hook with a knuckle out to really dig into the weak spot. For a less deadly but still effective blow to throw an attacker off balance a palm strike can also be used.

Pressure Point: The Spine

Strikes to the spine can cause death and at least easily permanently paralyze an opponent. The higher the spine is severed the more of the body that is paralyzed. These blows to the spine can be delivered with punches or a variety of kicks. However the most deadly is certainly the downward spike with the tip of the elbow which many martial arts have discontinued to teach due to the dangers.

Pressure Point: Back Of The Head

Blows to the back are illegal in mixed martial arts because the head and in particular blows to the base of the skull where it meets the spine are extremely deadly and can easily cause paralysis and death.

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