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Top Ninja Movies

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Ninja 2009 (2009) NR – American Casey (Scott Adkins) journeys to Japan to study the ancient martial art of ninjutsu with the greatest masters on the planet. Now his training will be put to the test when he’s summoned by his sensei (Togo Igawa) to return to New York on a dangerous mission. Casey must protect the Yoroi Bitsu, an armored chest containing the weapons of a legendary ninja. Todd Jensen co-stars in this kickin’ martial arts thriller.

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Ninja: The Final Duel (1980) NR -  Determined to obliterate the legendary Shaolin temple and the monks who inhabit its walls, a frustrated enemy dispatches a legion of Japanese ninjas and orders them to take no prisoners. But with an ancient arsenal of martial arts techniques at their disposal, the Shaolin monks are prepared for a battle to the death. Alexander Lo and Alice Tseng co-star in this classic kung fu action flick directed by Robert Tai.

Ninja Scroll (1995) NR – When a monster made of rock attacks a band of ninjas, a masterless ninja named Jubie heroically saves the life of the beautiful female warrior Kagero. But Jubie succumbs to an elderly ninja’s treachery and finds himself facing certain death — unless he agrees to join the quest for vengeance. Bloody, violent and full of imagination, Ninja Scroll is anime at its best. Available on DVD

Ninja Assassin (2009) R -  When his best friend is murdered by the shadowy Ozunu clan, Raizo (Rain), an orphan raised to be an assassin, vows revenge. But a government agent (Naomie Harris) is also trying to expose the gang, and now, the two must work together to bring the Okunu to justice. Time is running out as the clan’s professional killers chase the pair across Europe. James McTeigue directs this action thriller also featuring Rick Yune, Ben Miles and Shô Kosugi.

American Ninja (1985) R – Joe “GI Joe” Armstrong (Michael Dudikoff) is having a bad day: Sentenced to military enlistment in the Philippines, Joe, a martial arts expert, is put in charge of a truck convoy. When the convoy is attacked and a colonel’s daughter (Julie Aronson) is kidnapped, Joe must put his fighting skills to use. The rebel forces, however, make a tough match for just one man. Can the American ninja pull it off?

Ninja Resurrection (1999) NR – Get ready for a nightmarish journey through faith and betrayal as the infamous Jubei Yagyu wields his deadly blades against the forces of good and evil alike. When a group of rebel priests declares the religious rebel Shiro Amakusa the anti-Christ, Shogunate officials dispatch Jubei Yagyu to deal with the matter. To his horror, Jubei finds that the priests are right. Now, he must battle a horde of demons to destroy their satanic master.

Ninja Supremo (1987) NR – In this superb kung fu thriller, a rebellious teenager is sent — as part of a disciplinary act — to study the ancient skill of kung fu and returns a master and a hero. When he learns that a master spearman and his hunchback assassin are out to kill his respected teacher, the student must quickly put his new kung fu skills to use to rescue the beloved old tutor.

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