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Unbelievable Martial Arts Moves From Naruto

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Naruto is a Japanese Manga comic book and TV series written and created by Masashi Kishimoto. Originally based on a picture from 1997 the series began in 1999 and has rocketed to success all over the world. This is not just for kids (especially with some serious grown up language and sexual innuendos) but has millions of fans in dozens of countries. No longer just a comic book hero, Naruto has an animated TV series, video games and several movies. For the few of you unfamiliar with it, the story line is based around Naruto a teenager on a mission to become ‘Hokage’ – the ninja leader of his village, respected as the ultimate ninja master.

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The following list some of the most amazing moves from characters in the series, of which some are unfortunately to good to be real, but nonetheless are truly awesome when seen on screen:


Naruto and his team mates are well known for their use of shuriken 9ninja throwing stars) and Kunai, which they often can throw five of at a time, and if not killing an opponent giving the chance to close the distance for some awesome hand-to-hand combat. Most of the good ninjas moves are based on Jutsus which are special moves & powers created by combining several hand movements known as seals. Naruto’s Jutsus include ‘kage bunshin no jutsu’ & ‘tajuu kage bunshin no jutsu’ which enable him to clone himself multiple times and confuse the enemy.


Gaara is unfortunately a pretty mixed up individual mentally, but so far remains undefeated. His mother blessed/cursed him so that whenever he is attacked the sand while rise up and defend him against anything and even destroy those he is mad at, sometimes without him really wanting to.

Itachi Uchiha

this guy works for the bad side, but his extremely powerful ‘Mangekyou Sharingan’ give him the ability to hypnotize opponents and copy their moves and special techniques.


Pain also works for the dark side. Not only does this bad ninja have metal that can shoot out of his body into his enemies but his ‘fuuin jutsu genryuu kyuufuujin’ allows his to trap any beast and suck out their soul – not a bad move to learn.


Saske plays Naruto’s nemesis in many episodes that pit them against each other. His great ninja skills and knowledge of katon: ‘goukakyuu no jutsu’ which allows him to breath fire make him a formidable adversary.

If you and your family haven’t checked out Naruto yet it is definitely worth it and can be very inspirational to turn the whole family into martial arts fans.

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