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Shame Them Forever – Knock ‘Em Down With The Martial Arts Slap

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Winning in a fight whether it is in the octagon, in your Taekwondo, Karate, Judo or Kung Fu martial arts school or in the street is always an incredible feeling. However there are some knock downs and K.O.s that are just so much more impressive than others. Now just imagine taking down an opponent with a slap! That will definitely put a stop to any after the match trash talking and no doubt put a rematch with you way at the bottom of things they ever want to go through. If you picture it now, surely you can imagine the jokes every time the fight is talked about for the next ten years and it will certainly earn you a pretty sweet reputation.

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There are a couple ways to deliver this. The first of course is just the straight out slap, swung wide, right to the side of the face which will result in one great smacking sound and if nothing else your opponent’s face will be stinging severely, both from the physical pain and the bruised ego. The second way to deliver a martial arts ‘slap’ is actually the palm strike. It packs a little more hitting power, though it will look just like a slap. This is done by folding your fingers in and putting your thumb to the side leaving your palm open (looks like a tiger paw). This can be sent much more effectively without telegraphing your strike as much as a regular slap and your swing is the same as a hook punch which gets more body weight behind it.

The best target for this strike is to the side of the temple which will definitely throw them off. Lastly you can also use a double slap if you are fast enough, striking both sides of the head at the same time discombobulating your opponent. If you try this one aim for the ears. A nice added touch might be also grabbing the ears in your hands and ripping them on the return. This will open your opponent to any number of combination from headbutts to kicks.

The best way to practice these martial arts slaps are both sparring with a partner using focus mitts and using resistance cords to build up strength. If you choose the sparing method it is better if you spend a good amount of time with heavy gloves on to build up your strength and stamina.

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