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Promote Your Bar Or Nightclub With Your Own MMA Brawls

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Promoting your bar or club or even an event can be a difficult and competitive business these days. So why not do something completely different and stand out from your competitors. It almost goes without saying that mixed martial arts is the most watched sport on the planet these days. Almost everyone is a fan of MMA, men, women, old and young. Your competitors no doubt show the UFC’s pay-per-view events on fight nights and try to pack in the crowds to watch them. However what if you could host your own MMA fights! How many of your competitors can say they are doing that? It ought to be a winner for sure and guarantee you are packed out. Plus you can probably charge $30-$500 entrance depending on exactly how you do it, and that’s on top of what you are going to make on drinks, food and any other promotional items.

Get On The List!

You can buy or hire your own octagon for the night and even make it a regular thing. Other bars have done this with boxing rings, but naming more than a couple that have done it with an octagon should be difficult. Following the boxing type model you could have customers compete with each other for any type of reward you deem fit or purely for bragging rights. Though offering t-shirts and trophies will give them something to show off and be a constant marketing tool for you. Do not forget to have your own UFC octagon girls! The other way to do it is to host up and coming fighters. This is normally pretty easy as there are hundreds looking for a shot to show off their skills and get noticed. This also will definitely cut down on your liability and worry about any of your regulars ending up in the ER.

Make sure you make a huge deal out of it. Use all of your marketing channels to promote the night including your social media and press releases in the local newspapers and entertainment magazines. If it’s a success (which should be no problem) lock in the market by immediately advertising more upcoming events to block your competitors out of the game.

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