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How To Get Out Of A Headlock

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You know the position, your opponent grabs you around the neck, standing next to you with your head down at their waist height and you can’t breathe. This is a dangerous position, so easy to get put into and you only have seconds to get out of it before you blackout from lack of oxygen following which they can do anything to you they please. So what do you do?

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Using the example that you are both facing the same direction and your attacker is to your left the following will explain how to get out of it quickly even against a stronger opponent (it works the same from the other side as well obviously):

  1. With your right hand deliver an inside karate style chop to the groin (you can also grab, crush and rip if you are feeling extra upset).
  2. Immediately bring your left arm up from the back, place your index and middle finger under their nose and yank their head back (the center underside of the nose has lots of nerves and will force them to comply regardless of size, though watch out for the mouth, you don’t want them bitten off).
  3. At this point the should have loosened their grip enough for you to break free and stand up.
  4. Now they are leaning back with their throat exposed as the perfect weak point as a target for a punch or chop to the throat.
  5. This should be enough to take them down at which point you can add a few kicks before evading.
  6. Make sure you get out of there before the cops show up even if you were acting in defense – it will save you thousands and months of hassle.

Make sure you practice this repeatedly and extensively before trying to use it in real combat to improve the speed of your reflexes and your muscle memory. Practice with a sparring partner and also make sure you practice on both sides as you never know how you are going to be attacked. Also practicing this against multiple partners of different sizes and styles is important to be prepared for any scenario.

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