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Why MMA Ground Fighting Styles Are Totally Ineffective In Real Life

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Ground fighting styles may have taken over as the leading styles for most MMA battles these days. Besides the fact that this is extremely disappointing for those who love real stand up, knock ‘em out action, these styles are surely pretty useless when it comes to most real life situations. Even if you did decide it was a good idea to tackle someone to the ground on concrete and try to submit them, any real attacker isn’t likely to submit and they certainly won’t be following any UFC rules that’s for sure. That’s if you can actually take them down before you get stabbed or take a bottle to the head.

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On top of that there is no valor in the street. If you are on the floor you can pretty much bet that any accomplices or friends of your opponent will be quick to start in with raining dozens of kicks and blows down on you – not the best position to be in. It doesn’t matter if you are Tito Ortiz with five guys kicking you in the head the only ‘bad’ thing about you is going to be the number of stitches you are going to need if you even make it to the emergency room.

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Ground fighting is only designed and practiced to be used against one opponent at a time. How are you going to tackle, take down and tap out a bar full of angry opponents? Clearly not as effective as a stand up styles like karate, kenpo or krav maga. The sad thing is that being a winner in the octagon really no longer has any relation to how tough and effective of a fighter you are in real life. Sure having ground skills is essential for any MMA contender and it is great to know what to do if you ever find yourself on the deck, but the bottom line is that you have to learn some stand up if you want to survive in the real world.

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