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What To Do When The Judge’s Call Is Bogus?

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It happens all the time; from the viewers perspective one fighter clearly deserved to win but the judges call it the other way. A classic example of this was the recent UFC fight between Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Jason Brilz. Brilz clearly the underdog going into the fight who picked up the match at the last minute when too many others were afraid to take it. Amazingly fighting against a more experienced fighter Brilz managed to dominate the fight from beginning to end. It went the distance and there was clearly not one viewer, spectator or presenter that didn’t believe that Brilz had taken the fight by a long shot.

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To every-one’s shock and dismay the judges called the fight in Nogueira’s favor! The crowd erupted in shouts and boos and even the presenter was clearly dissapointed in having to make the call. What would you do as the fighter who was robbed of a well deserved and hard earned victory? Especially knowing that further fights, title shots and a heck of a lot of well earned money is on the line. Of course every muscle, nerve and instinct in your body has to be screaming out and wanting to throw a tantrum and a perfectly well deserved one. However, unfortunately the reality is that this will only cost you in being punished. Amazingly in this case Jason Brilz managed to keep his composure and while still in disbelief took it like a good sportsman. Hopefully while the outcome certainly looked rigged Brilz will at least be rewarded with some great fight opportunities to concrete the reputation he clearly earned that night. Could you hold it together under the same circumstances? Unfortunately this is a problem at every level of any fighting sport and martial art.

Well perhaps not that the outcome had been predetermined but at least that you could easily face a judges call that you disagree with. The bottom line is that complaining and throwing a fit really won’t get you anywhere, you must train yourself to act like a true sportsman, maintain your cool and suck it up till next time.

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