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Punches: Taking Them VS Dishing Them Out

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What is more important, being able to take a beating or being able to throw the hardest punch? While both are obviously important UFC 114 surely must have changed the priorities in the minds of many.

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The amazing fight, which was surely the highlight of the night between Mike Russow and Todd Duffee was the perfect example of this. Todd Duffee came into the ring looking like a lab bred fighting machine or Dolph Lundgren on double the steroids, while Russow looked like the only workout he had done in the last 2 years was eating cheeseburgers and drinking beer on the sofa in front of the TV.

Duffee, clearly the favorite to win completely battered Russow with some high powered blows throughout 2 and a half rounds with shots that looked like they could have put down a 1,500lb buffalo. In fact Russow had only landed one punch by this point. When all of a sudden out of no where with only 25 seconds left on the clock Mike Russow drops a K.O. on Duffee that looked like it wouldn’t have hurt a butterfly. The crowd and the presenters went wild and even Russow looked like he couldn’t believe he did it. Certainly he wowed the crowd and UFC organizers and will have guaranteed himself a few more well paid fights. He only made it because he could take a punch and could wait for just the right moment, a talent that has been exhibited by many fighting champions. While Duffee certainly proved he couldn’t and ought to be too embarrassed to ever walk back in the octagon.

Develop Powerful Punches

Develop Powerful Punches

A similar scene unfolded in the main event of the night, the much raved about and anticipated fight between Rashad and Rampage. Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson has lent on his reputation as a striker and a big power hitter but when it came down to show time he was unable to deliver and ended up going home a loser.

The bottom line is that it is great to have awesome striking power, however you can’t guarantee you are going to get a chance at that perfect blow at the beginning of a fight every time and you MUST be able to take some punishment until you can find an opening as well as having a plan B.

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