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Fight Skills: How To Build Explosive Power & Speed

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Anyone who watched the Rashad Evans VS Quinton Jackson fight at UFC 114 will no doubt have a new appreciation for just how important

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Explosive Power and Speed Like Bruce Lee

Explosive Power and Speed Like Bruce Lee

building and having explosive power and speed is when it comes to a fight. While in many fights you have to play a chess like game of strategy and waiting for the right opening, having the ability to tap and ignite explosive bursts of energy to take advantage of openings and take control of the fight is essential.

Just lifting weights and going through your martial art forms and routines alone isn’t enough. You should be treating every training session and workout like a battle and training with the same intensity you would try to employ if you were up against the world’s champs. But if you don’t train yourself for it, how are you going to tap into it when it really matters? Martial arts training is not just about going through the motions, it’s about really preparing yourself for the fight.

Next time (and every time from here on out) that you step in to the gym or dojo you should be working out with such an intensity that not only your peers, but even your instructors are afraid to spar with you. Dig deep and unleash everything you have. Make every blow count, every drill and every rep, just as if your life depended on it.

Your training ought to specifically include drills designed for practicing and tapping explosive energy. These can come in many forms. However the basis is that you should be at a position of rest and have to leap into action. Practice by standing, sitting or laying down with you eyes closed (relaxed) and on the instructors or your partners command spring into action and unload a combo of heavy hitting blows. Also try it with instead of a verbal command being hit from different directions. Program yourself. This can also be done during your weight and resistance training. Try lining up a series of light weights and on signal blaze through a series of exercises with high reps till fatigue and repeat.

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