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Train Like A Ninja

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Ninjas and the art of Ninjitsu are perhaps the epitome of martial arts at their best. While there is much myth surrounding the ninja there are now ninjitsu training schools around the globe. Of course they are much fewer and farther between than most other martial arts, though this only adds to their mystic. There are now even ninjitsu home study courses. Perhaps besides their stealth the ninja are best known for their weapons. Certainly the ninja are heralded as using some of the coolest weapons from history that are still highly coveted today.

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However besides technique and weapons training, perhaps what separated the ninja from the rest was their basic training principals. To become a ninja you could have no fear and recognize no pain. In fact when a ninja went into battle there probably was not much an opponent could do to them that had not already been done to them worse in training, well except maybe losing a limb. Going into battle, not only armed with the great skills of the ninja but truly without fear makes for an incredibly fearsome opponent that can likely only be stopped with a fatality.

Today it is sad to see many martial arts classes. Students are whining and wimping out ´I´m tired´, ´how many more´. You certainly would not have dared to question your instructor or complain if you were training under a real ninja master would you? This does not mean you have to punish your body to a pulp, however the principal is that whether it is ninjitsu or another martial art you have been practicing, if you really want to bring it like a ninja it all begins with your core training and building both mental and physical toughness. Train harder, train longer and never give up.

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