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Cardio Compound Functional Strength and Cardio Training System

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In Mixed Martial Arts or MMA as people commonly refer to it is currently the fastest growing sport in the entire

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MMA Training

MMA Training

world.  From Japan to Jefferson Ohio this sport has taken hold the attention of many people that aren’t necessarily martial arts fans.  They have been drawn to the sport for a variety of reasons including, boxing aspects, wrestling, training, drama, along with numerous other reasons.

With the congregation of all these different types of people there is a large portion of these MMA fans that do not know the sports rules and regulations.  A lot of outsiders see Mixed Martial Arts still as two men getting into caged ring and beating on each other, much like the idea of human cock fighting.  While of of the fighters in the beginning had little martial arts experience it is becoming increasingly important that a fighter be an expert in at least one if not two martial arts disciplines.

Although the hostility towards the brutality of ‘human cock fighting’ has been curbed throughout the years it has been a long road.  Many politicians like Senator John McCain have fought to keep MMA out of specific US states.  It is also not well known that MMA was close to being banned within the entire US!  We wouldn’t be watching MMA and the UFC on ESPN like we do now if that would have happened.

One of the safing graces that fell over MMA was when the Zuffa brothers bought the UFC.  Whether you like the Zuffa brothers or not you have to admit that have been good for the expansion and mainstream acceptance of MMA as a whole.  The UFC main events that are showing approximately once a month are rivaling the pay per view numbers of the major boxing events that are shown. Today it is generally accepted that fighting for the UFC is the pinnacle of any MMA athlete’s career.  Although there are a few fighters that have walked away from the UFC for lesser known organizations most Martial Artists are fighting to get into the UFC.

Although in the beginning of MMA it was easy to rise to the top of this sport simply by being a superb athlete and having boxing or wrestling skills this is no longer the case.  You really have to be a well rounded fighter to be able to get to the top level of MMA.  Besides being well round in the areas of standup (boxing, Muay Thai, and kickboxing), ground fighting (BJJ and Wrestling) they must also be very well conditioned.  The training for MMA athletes is a combination of Football, Wrestling, and Martial Arts.  So I will list some of the more tried and true MMA training exercises that use circuit training to improve cardiovascular conditioning as well as your functional strength.

Develops: Functional Strength, Speed and Conditioning

Cardio – Squat jumps – continuous movement trying to jump higher each time.
Length: 1 minute for beginners up to 3 minutes for advanced athletes

Compound – Pull Up which targets the back (which is the largest upper body muscle).  In MMA it is essential to have a strong back for numerous reasons.


Cardio – Shuttle Run – Preferebly outside if you are working in a small room.  The ideal length is 20 to 30 meters.  Length: 1 minute for beginners up to 3 minutes for advanced athletes

Compound – Dumbbell Shoulder press – For MMA a general rule is Dumbbell is better than Bar, Bar is better than machine.  So when you can use the dumbbells which also build more supporting muscles.


Cardio – Sprinting Spot – Running in place as fast as you can while touching your high knees to your hands.
Length: 1 minute for beginners up to 3 minutes for advanced athletes

Compound – Pullovers – laying on your back on a bench pull the wait off the ground over your head to the upright position.


Cardio – Jumping Jacks Length: 1 minute for beginners up to 3 minutes for advanced athletes
Length: 1 minute for beginners up to 3 minutes for advanced athletes

Compound – Bent over rows – This is used to target the mid to upper back and also increases grip strength.


Cadio – Jump Steps – You can either stair step or a exercise bench.  Quickly jump onto the bench and as quick as you can jump down onto the ground repeating this until this session is done.

Compound – Squats – With dumbbells held by your side or resting on your shoulders with your hands holding onto them.

This is the completion of your MMA Cardio Compound Workout.

The most important piece of this MMA training routine is that you alternate between pushing and pulling exercises.  This will train the muscles in a very functional pattern and is used by elite athletes all over the world.  It is important to continually change the exercises so that the workout doesn’t stagnate but just be sure to keep alternating the push and pull exercises.

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