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What Will My Child Learn From Taking Karate?

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So, you may be wondering  to yourself, “What is my kid going to get from Karate Lessons”?  Although it may be the mystique of the martial arts that your child is drawn to, this can be just as beneficial in your child overall behavior.  Many children with Learning Disabilities have started martial arts and have been able to drastically decrease the severity of their disability which leads to greater learning and focus.  Below we have both the physical and mental advantages in leaning Karate the are:

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Physcial Aspects

  • Greater Strength
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Greater Cardiovasular Health
  • Greater Balance
  • And more…

Mental Aspects

  • Greater Focus
  • Greater Confidence
  • Learn How To Set Goals
  • Meet Like Minded Friends
  • And more…

We haven’t even mentioned one of the most important parts of learning a martial arts system like Karate.  They will learn Self Defense which is very important if they are ever in a bad situation.  They will know how to protect themselves and most importantly will be focusing on ways to get out of this situation and not so panicked they are paralyzed by fear. This understanding in self defense will help them throughout their entire life.

Another fantastic byproduct of learning Karate is increasing their self-control.  Your child will learn that through repetition of the basics they can attain their goals.  We have seen this carry through to school and other sports as well.  There is also an increase of respect for other classmates which is taught throughout the martial arts discipline.

If your child struggles with their aggression than Karate is an ideal way for them to focus that energy into something positive and also allows them to release some of that energy.  This is why Karate is also great for a child who is Hyper Active since it can release the built up energy the child may have in a positive way.  This will then be reinforced by their increased ability thus giving them positive feedback when they are channeling their energy into something positive.

If you haven’t found a place for your child to learn karate there are many places that you can check.  First check if your local YMCA or Community Center has a Karate class.  Also be sure the check the phone book under the terms “martial arts” and “karate”.  Last go to Google and type in “karate” along with your city and state abbreviation, for example “McPherson KS karate” If you have any that are near your area they will turn up during one of these searches.

Once you have found just the right Karate Dojo (also known as school) and Karate instructor you are ready to turn your sights on getting them the right karate equipment to start their karate training.  Although their isn’t a lot of gear that they will need besides the basic karate uniform it is good to either get everything as a beginning karate set or at least know what you will need in a few months.

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