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Choosing A Martial Arts School For Your Kids – 7 Questions They Don´t Want You To Ask!

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  1. What is the best martial art for my child? Of course every school will insist their style is the best. No doubt in the course of your child´s lifetime they will try many. Perhaps more important than the style is the quality of the training and the principals taught for in and outside of the ring.
  2. Will my child get hurt? The answer is quite probably if they train for any period of time. Remember they are training to fight. It will probably be no more than an occasional black eye or bloody nose, but the risks are there. Still learning to defend themselves will no doubt save them from greater harm in the street and quite likely save their lives.
  3. Are your staff first aid and CPR trained and certified? This ought be an immediate yes. Someone with these qualifications should be at every class.
  4. Have you or any of your staff ever been accused of abusing or molesting a child? Shocking yes, but a crucial question nevertheless. Of course their answer will probably be no, but if there is any hesitation, hit the door running.
  5. How long have you been in business? Watch out for instructors ducking around this question. Just because they are new, does not mean they are no good, buy you should get an honest answer, and perhaps a discount if they just opened yesterday.
  6. What are your qualifications? Anyone can create their own martial art and buy as many black belts as they want and name them self ´Grandmaster´. What are their real qualifications, how long have they been training and what real competitions have they competed in or won?
  7. How much is this really going to cost? More importantly how much is this going to cost to at least get them to be a black belt? Watch them start breaking out all kinds of charts and diagrams. Remember besides the cost of regular classes there will be uniforms, martial arts gear, tournaments, special training seminars and graduations. Really the cost of your child learning to defend themselves and the ones they love is priceless, however you need to know the answer. Watch out for promises of quick black belts. You want there training to be thorough, but be willing to pay a fair price for quality Karate classes.

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