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Increase Your Punching Power By Learning Bruce Lee´s One In Punch

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OK, while learning Bruce Lee´s one inch punch may be cool to show off to your friends and co-workers it´s probably

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not something you are going to rely on in the octagon against a live opponent. However there may be occasions in the clinch or on the ground where you do need to be able to punch with force from close range. More than that learning the one inch punch is about developing a more powerful and forceful punch that can be used from any distance.

Putting aside all the mysticism and talk about Chi, the principal of the one inch punch is simple about focusing your energy and delivering a more forceful and effective blow. The principal is in fact just like successful board breaking. There are two basic parts to developing more powerful punches, especially at ranges like the one inch punch.

Different people may use different names for the way they focus their energy; for some it is Chi, others it is mental focus and others still just describe it as tapping and channeling their inner anger. Though the bottom line is that it all means, focusing energy on the target and channeling it through your fist. Motivational speakers will tell you to envision breaking through the target whether it is a board or person with your mind before delivering the blow and that it is all mental. An easier way for most is to envision the target as your most hated enemy or the source of all the stress in your life. See how much harder you hit it then!

The second part to mastering the one inch punch and improving your striking power is about technique. To hit with more power at a closer range you must increase the speed that you punch with and get more weight behind it. It´s simple science. Just like with board breaking you must aim not to hit and end your punch at the target it´s self but beyond that target. Practice focusing on a space at least several inches beyond that target and improving your snapping motion. Others may also find success in combing the strike with a reverse movement by the other hand which helps focus more forward energy and weight to striking hand. See the movie ´The Master of Bruce Lee´ for insight into this style and technique.

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