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Can Women Really Be Part Of The MMA Game?

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The UFC and explosion of the popularity of MMA gear has not just been among men. Women have gotten into watching the UFC battles just as much as anyone else. In fact many have been inspired to get into the ring themselves and if not compete professionally at least take up various forms of fighting arts as a hobby or form of self-defense and keeping fit. It may be surprising to many that a lot of women have chosen ground fighting or grappling as their art of choice instead of traditional stand up fighting forms, however there are many reasons that this is beneficial.

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Without being sexist, in most real life situations when a woman has to defend herself from a man, her odds are probably a lot better using submission fighting techniques that standing up and slugging it out. Using joint locks to submit or break and opponents limbs does not require a great amount of strength, just as with chokes. So as a form of self-defense ground fighting is a great choice for women.

Another reason that submission fighting is becoming more popular with women is that quite frankly their beauty and looks are important to them. While the guys may think black eyes, broken noses and facial scares make them look tougher and more manly, most women are not big fans of having their faces smashed in as can be typical in other martial arts.

For the guys, watching women compete in grappling matches, can be much more interesting than watching the guys slug it out in the UFC. It all depends on your preferences, but most guys would rather watch to women rolling around the octagon than two sweaty guys. So watch out for a big surge in women fighters hitting the TV screen in the coming years. As above, as a man, if your spouse or girlfriend is really insistent on taking up some type of fighting art you may want to encourage her to take up submission fighting as opposed to boxing, Taekwondo or karate to keep her great looks. However just watch out if she starts getting too good. A great golden rule is to never go out with a woman who can kick your butt. Or you definitely won´t be the one wearing the pants, that´s for sure.

For women looking to get into the sport, there are plenty of schools across the world. Most accept women at any level. However before signing up for the first class you see, take your time and shop around, look for the best deals and ideally classes where there are several other women that can be your sparring partners. Or even better, invite your husbands secretary so that you can show her what´s in store if she steps out of line!

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