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3 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make In The UFC Octagon

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There are tons of volumes of advice on what you should do to become a great mixed martial arts fighter and how to win in the octagon. However from watching many fights it may look like there is much that coaches and instructors forgot to tell their fighters not to do or what to watch out for. Making a mistake in the UFC octagon or other martial arts competitions can mean you losing within a split second. So what are the top three mistakes that MMA fighters make?

1. Burning Out Too Early

While nothing is quite as spectacular as starting the fight with a furious onslaught of combinations and finishing a fight in the first few seconds, burning out early and not getting that immediate knockout or submission will leave you at a disadvantage for the rest of the fight. Save energy and use strategy to wait for your opponent to give you an opening before unleashing your full power and going for the gold.

2. Being Over Confident & Sloppy

Being over confident is a far bigger problem and mistake than many realize. Of course a little ego comes with the territory when you are a mixed martial artist and it does help make you a more prominent figure that can bring in the crowds and sell seats, which is exactly what promoters are looking for. However running out of your corner and getting knocked out in seconds by a smaller and less experienced opponent will have your professional martial arts career diving before it even gets off the ground. Be confident, but not over confident. The worst thing you can ever do is to under estimate any opponent and not put everything you can into your mixed martial arts training camp.

3. Not Seizing The Opportunity To Finish Your Opponent

Not seizing the opportunity to finish your opponent when you have the chance is possibly the biggest mistake a fighter can ever make and unfortunately is far more common than it should be. All your training for months on end, hundreds of hours in the gym and dojo and strict discipline to diet as well as the huge expense all comes down to the few minutes that you have the chance to shine in the octagon. You owe it to yourself if not many others as well to dive on any chance you have to finish the fight and wail on your opponent with all your might. Do not hesitate!

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