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Tasers & Stun Guns: Stun Gun Baton

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Not only have taser guns become one of the US police forces favorite and most commonly used

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(but highly controversial) weapons in their arsenal but are also used by criminals in the street. Taser guns have been touted as a non-lethal tool used to easily subdue an attacker, but have received much negative press after several deaths involving police use of tasers on the public. Tasers provide easy take downs by overriding the central nervous system sending the victim to the floor in record speed.

Civilians and the public can also purchase these police style taser guns from most gun stores as well as many online retailers. And having gone from being priced at almost $1,000 several years ago can now be found for as little as $99. However law enforcement has put some restrictions into effect that are meant to reduce crimes using them and give police officers the advantage. For example the M26c pistol style taser available to the public only has a range of 15 feet, while the police issue version can hit a target with laser sight 21 feet away.
Additionally ‘AFIDs’ have been put into the cartridges to help police track evidence in cases where they are used illegally. These AFIDs are many tiny pieces of paper that are released when the taser is fired. They eject and cover the scene with these tiny pieces of paper that are coded and can be traced back to the purchaser.

Regardless these weapons are still used on the street by criminals and can be extremely dangerous, especially for unsuspecting victims. It gives robbers the upper hand of being able to subdue a victim from behind without a physical fight or revealing their identity. However both tasers and stun guns can be used as defensive weapons to protect yourself in the street without having to kill your attacker. States like Florida allow civilians to carry these weapons legally if they have their Concealed Weapons Permit. Other advances in technology include the old style stun guns being made to look like everyday items like cell phones, giving you a stealth advantage and being able to zap your opponent without warning, and these can be found for as little as $20 in markets or stores. Defending against these weapons like any other martial arts weapons can be very difficult, so stay on your toes!

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