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Keep Fighting 5 Minutes After You Are Dead!

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That is then answer to being asked when you should give up or stop fighting back – ´5 minutes after you are already dead´!

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When you are fighting for your life in a real life situation you cannot stop or give up. It may not just be yourself that you are defending, it could easily be friends or family that you love. Every extra split second that you can keep fighting could save the life of those you love the most.

While most martial artist will agree that this sounds cool, few actually train for this. This takes both physical and mental training. OK, fighting 5 minutes after you are actually dead may be scientifically impossible but it is the mindset and determination that is key. It is certainly possible to continue fighting after you ought to be dead. There are numerous cases of people living through being shot. Of course everyone knows rapper 50 Cent survived being shot 9 times, however there are many others who have survived being shot with shot guns and even a woman in Brazil who survived being shot 6 times in the head at point blank range. So the point is that no matter how much damage you take, even if you are shot you must keep going, do not panic and give up.

This mindest and determination should be practiced in every training class. Unless you practice with this dedication you cannot expect to tap this strength when it comes to really needing it. You should be giving your all at every class whether you are doing push ups or sparring. Every exercise or drill should be done at maximum intensity so that when you finally crawl out of class you have nothing left.

Just imagine how much better you could perform in the octagon and in competitions if you had been training with this intensity for the last six months. This can make all the difference in your survival in the street. Being able to fight or stand can mean the difference of being able to get in those last one or two crucial blows to successfully fend off an attacker or holding on the few extra minutes it takes to get to the hospital and get medical treatment. Train hard, give it all you´ve got and never give up, you will find yourself a much more formidable opponent.

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