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Tae Kwon Do Sparring Tips

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Those martial artists that have taken up Tae Kwon Do can find that sparring and competing is quite different than with most other martial arts. Besides Tae Kwon Do’s unique style the biggest difference is that sparring and competitions are for points not knock outs or submissions.  Whether or not you see yourself as a skilled fighter already, point sparring is a whole different game that is challenging for everyone.

A great Tae Kwon Do competitor is one who is fast, agile and knows how to make it look good for the judges.

Judging In A Taekwondo Tournament

Judging Tae Kwon Do matches is difficult. This can sometimes work against you, unless you know how to make it work for you. The judges are limited by their line of sight, however also take into account the sound of hitting a target.  They officially make calls only when they see a point scored. But if they do not hear you make contact it may be missed, so always make sure that you connect hard enough to make it count. When it comes to judge’s line of sight, this is an easy thing to manipulate. Position yourself so that the judges do not have a clear view of your target points so they cannot see points scored on you, while at the same time ensuring that the judges have a clear view for points you make on your opponent.

It is key here to mention that judges often do not see the points you may score, so do not stop just because you know you scored a point, continue with a combo of strikes until the judge’s call it. In the reverse, do not stop and put down your hands because you believe an opponent has scored on you! If they didn’t, they certainly will when you put your guard down.  Always keep fighting 100% unless the judge calls it for any reason.

Martial Art Tournaments & Competitions

Just like in boxing and in mixed martial arts competitions, while being the aggressor may not directly make you the winner, it can certainly help sway the judges’ decisions. In Tae Kwon Do competitions you are generally not given points for scoring if it was done as part of a defensive move, it must be a clear and deliberate strike. So making sure that you are the aggressor throughout the match, both physically and vocally can have multiple advantages. If you are all over your opponent and all the y can do is defend they are very unlikely to be able to score on you. Even if they get close your screams and kiaps, will surely cover the sound of them scoring on you, making it less probable that they are awarded the point.

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