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Martial Arts Kicks On The Street

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Every martial art has it´s own unique kicks. They range from the rudimentary kicks of some styles of karate the the many acrobatic kicks of TaeKwonDo.  However the real question is are martial arts kicks effective for use on the street and if they are, which ones are the best to use?

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Certainly there are many martial arts kicks that make no sense to use in a street fight. Butterfly kicks, spinning heel kicks, flying kicks and even axe kicks may look great in class, however they telegraph your movements too much and leave you open to getting your leg caught and getting thrown on your head.

Kicks do have their place in a street fight, though those that should be used, differ significantly from what you would often use in martial arts class or even in the UFC octagon. To effectively defend yourself in a real life situation it is most effective to use the closest point of your body to the closest target on your opponent´s body. This obviously, immediately rules out any spinning kicks and head kicks when you are both on your feet.

When your attacker is closing in on you, straight front kicks can be used to push your attacker back, giving you an opening to follow through. While these kicks can offer a lot of power, they generally do not do enough damage by themselves but can open the door for you to close in when your opponent is off balance.

However the most effective martial arts kicks to the street are low kicks that are faster and cause the most pain or damage. The groin kick gives you the most range and is certain to inflict enough pain on any man that you can quickly follow through with any number of combos to finish the fight quickly. However, perhaps even better is a swift kick to the knee. This can be delivered with a front or side kick. Breaking the knee will instantly disable your attacker and give you the opportunity to evade the situation quickly.

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  1. James Says:

    Hi, your post seems so enticing that it makes me wanna get involved. It was after I read this post that decided to learn some self defense… at least but I really want to learn and find out more about martial arts. Hope to read more of your post soon!

  2. Thomas Says:

    I love martial arts so much… I’d been confident with my own safety and my family because of my skills several arts like Taekwondo. It’s keeping me safe for a long time and it’s my mission to keep other people safe by sharing too what i know.

  3. John Says:

    Yeah, every kind of martial art has its own unique kicks. I guess you have a choice on which one to try out :) What I can only say is that, if you want to feel safe, join a martial art.

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