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How To Perform The Bicep Slicer

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A lot of MMA fighters don’t quite understand the true power behind the bicep slicer. This submission type move is also known in MMA circles as the bicep crusher or the bicep lock. This is one of the most under-utilized submission moves in MMA and submission fighting.

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This MMA submission move cause the fighter an intense pain like his or her bicep is ripping apart. A slight pull will cause many lesser trained MMA athletes to tap out when they get a slight pull. This tap out submission move causes an intense pain by pushing the humerus (upper arm bone) into the bicep muscle giving an intense very sharp pain. You must always be careful when practicing this move on your training partners as this can easily damage the ligaments and tendons within the elbow and cause the joint to separate.

“Now, It is CRUCIAL that you practice this move in a very careful manner. This can quickly end your MMA training partners career?”

To start this move your leg or arm must be between the opponents upper and lower arm right at the elbow. To maximize the force that you can exert practice getting your leverage by placing their pivot point directly on your forearm or shin bone. This will allow you to exert tremendous pressure to your opponent and most likely will cause them to tap out! Your opponent’s arm is flexed past the point of comfort and this will give you a perfect fulcrum point. Slight pressure can then be applied until the opponent taps out. The arm bar position is directly attainable through the bicep slicer!

So, now let’s break this down…

MMA ground fighting

You can start working on this in your mma training by using the typical arm bar position. Your right arm is wrapped around your opponent’s right arm, with your legs across their body. Your left hand should be holding your own right arm, while your opponents bone in his right forearm is against their bicep. You then put your right leg on his or her forearm and start to push down. Next, you will put your left leg on the top of his or her right leg and hook their foot behind the knee. Now your legs should be in a triangle position and allow you to apply downward pressure on their arm with both your legs.

The stress and pressure of their arm will cause your forearm to press into their bicep. This pressure will compress the muscle against the bone causing them sever pain along with starting the thoughts of tapping out. With a little more pressure your opponent will realize they are not going to be able to escape and with such a sharp pain in their arm will be happy to tap out in order to relax their arm. So, again this will work very well if your opponent is tightly holding their arm to their in order to stay away from an arm bar. Like most submission holds a bicep slicer has an infinite way to perform it. The limits of how to set it up are only limited to your creativity.

So, get in the MMA gym and play around with this submission move and you will find a groove where you feel most comfortable setting it up. But, as always be careful to not apply pressure to your training partners elbow.  Another great submission to be skilled at is the Armbar submission.


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