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MMA Workout: Grip Strength

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One workout I saw the other day with Jens Pulver is the Tennis Ball pushup.  This is done with a tennis ball in both your right and left hands.  Then clamp the ball and your palm to the pull up bar.  This will turn tough guys into babies.  Next time you are there designing your MMA workout throw this little movement in your arsenal.  You will thank us for it!

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MMA Grip Strength

Grip Work
Grip strength increases the fighters’ abilities during submissions and while grappling – and adds impressive strength to their punching power. In the drills below, Jens uses tennis balls because they force you to really tighten your grip when doing a pull-up. Grabbing the bar is easy but doing a pull-up with a tennis ball between the hands is difficult. You can use two fingers three fingers, etc. These moves are designed to build up the muscles in the hand.

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