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MMA Sprawl Board Shorts Review: Sprawl Board Shorts

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There are very few fighters these days that wear the tight trunks into the Octagon   People like Cro Cop have made it their image to have the tight MMA shorts hiked up over his right leg just waiting for the time to explode.  However, about 99% of the fighters today where board shorts into the octagon.  Whether it is Tapout, Affliction, Venum, or any other brad these shorts a always made to be comfortable and give you plenty of room.  Some of the popular board shorts are made by Sprawl.  Forest Griffin and Matt Serra are a couple of the top name that Sprawl have in their camp.  Some others worth noting are veterans Ricardo Almeida, Josh Burkman, Kenny Florian, Josh Koscheck, Jason McDonald, Diego Sanchez, Joe Stevenson, Mike “Quick” Swick, and others.

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Sprawl is a very well know and respected name for mma shorts and mma gloves inside the MMA community.  Outside of MMA they are still working on becoming known for their MMA gear by the casual MMA fan.  Board shorts are ideal for the sport because they are lightweight along with being very strong material.  Another key to the Sprawl MMA shorts is that they do not have any buttons or zippers (for the safety of yourself as well as your opponent when in close contact).

Sprawl has improved on this design by adding features such as material made of 100% nylon and no pockets for grips or snagging. With the shorts Velcro and ties closures there isn’t the pressing into your stomach during those no gi brazilian jujitsu MMA training sessions. All the Sprawl board short seems are reinforced for durability to handle your heavy-duty mma training.

The Crotch area has been made to be higher to assists and help with the splits and high head kicks.  Another great feature of these shorts are the the no-slip grips on the inner thighs for arm-bars, shoulder-locks or general guard play. These shorts are made not to soak up sweat and become water logged or drenched.  This also keeps them from clinging and hiking onto your leg when you are sweating heavily.
To get a good buy, make sure to get the right size by either fitting your mma gear or using the available size charts. This will be good advise to take up since Sprawl shorts have no drawstrings for tightening the waist. Prices range from US $49.95 to 69.96.

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