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What Is The Best Diet For MMA?

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Becoming a great martial artist is about far more than just packing a great punch. Just ask Kimbo Slice. Becoming a true champion in the octagon takes dedication to training and learning techniques, building strength and developing an elite level of conditioning as well as strategy. However a huge part of the equation is diet. Without the right diet you will find it much more difficult to achieve and realize results from your gym workouts and cardio.

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In fact the best mixed martial artists know that getting to the top requires as much dedication to diet as it takes in training time. Great fighters must stay on top of the latest developments and medical discoveries for foods and nutrition. Not only knowing what foods are good to eat and which ones need to to be avoided, but knowing which foods can be combined or eaten within certain times of each other, knowing how much and how often to eat and drink and developing the discipline to stick to what is best for them. There is definitely a lot of science to be learned in the mission to become an elite fighter in peak shape and it is a constantly evolving process that needs to be constantly built on and tweaked.

To see real gains in muscle from training of course you need enough protein in your diet, but you also have to know when to eat it and how much. You also need to know which foods are too high in sugar so that you can avoid them. Savvy athletes and body builders even avoid vegetables like corn and carrots as they are too high in sugars.

Diet is even more crucial when you have a pending fight coming up. First you have to worry about making weight, either bulking up or cutting down. Then you need to find what works best for you for food and drink the day of the fight.

You must consume enough to have plenty of energy to get you through the fight but wolfing down a triple Whopper and super size fries before you walk into the octagon will have you throwing your guts up on the canvas. Additionally what you eat and drink plays a big role in your mental attitude and energy level and can either cloud your thoughts or keep you sharper.

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